Tuesday, 30 July 2013

spur of the moment!

We were at a family wedding at the beginning of the month and there was professional photographers there so myself, Steven and the in-laws got some photos done :)

Steven and myself

Rob and Stacey

Angela, Dave, me, Stacey, Danni,
Jason, Rob, Loella, Steven and Chris

a little bump photo
Angela and Dave

Danni and Jason

hats, hats and a crown...

I feel I have got a bit of a knack for hats at the moment. I have done adult hats and baby hats but these are my baby hats so far. They are in all sorts of colours but this is just a small selection.
 I learnt how to cable knit owls! I was very happy.

Its a christmas figgy pudding hat!

blankets ahoy

 I wanted to show off my pram blanket! I knitted it out of "pom pom" wool which was really fiddly to knit with but I am just so happy with the results! Its so lovely and thick and soft and warm :)

Christmas Time

Well since we will have a new arrival at christmas time I thought I would finally get round to knitting some more stockings! I have created new patterns for each one.

i now have orders for people wanting to give them as presents to their nieces and nephews!

Now do stranger

I know, I know I have been away for a while! And I promised I wouldn't be! But I finally have some me time before the baby comes so I'm hoping that as long as Steven doesn't hog the computer for FF then I should be able to post around once a week.

Well as you know we're having a little girl :) I have been knitting bits and bobs not only for myself but the large abundance of my friends who are also pregnant. Not only that but there are christmas presents to knit as I may not get time with having a little one, but my friend is starting up her own photography company which you should be able to view from here so I am knitting her a few props.

I am currently 30+6 weeks so as of tomorrow I only have 8 weeks left!! 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Just a little practice

Im currently playing with fair isle and creating my own patterns within basic knitting patterns, you have seen my basic booties and heres the vamped version.

Malta Baby

Whoo so we went to Malta and ended up in Sicily too! Minus all the rubble Malta was lovely especially her sister islands Comino which holds the Blue Lagoon and Gozo which was so lush and green! We were lucky enough to meet 3 other lovely couples which is always nice. shall we have a looksie at some pictures?

We went to the Blue Lagoon a few times since it was across the water from our hotel. WE went to Gozo on the ferry. We went on an open top bus to Valletta and Mdina where we rode in a horse and carriage, on a little train round the countryside up to Mtarfa the highest point. We went on a harbour cruise round Sliema and Valletta. We went on a giant catamaran to Sicily. Went round a greek amphitheater in Taormina before having lunch up on the summit of Mount Etna (an active volcano) yes we like our volcanos as this is the second we have been up and both have been active.

Our first photo in Malta

If any of you are aware of the lonely island, i was singing their song "on a boat" as i was on a boat

Blue Lagoon

Steven in the greek amphitheater in Taormina Sicily

Our first glimpse at Mount Etna (erupted ^weeks before our visit) we had lunch on the summit :)

Me in a cave at Comino

On an open top bus in gale force winds

Blue lagoon again

Outside Mdina getting ready for a countryside tour

Steven testing out his underwater camera and snorkel set

Terrified is not the word, I hate horses. Outside Mdina